About  The daughter of fashion designers, Prune Farro had a childhood steeped in art and design. She first started her career in the film industry, producing movies and collaborating with the most talented French filmmakers. After years surrounded by film, Prune discovered that the greatest stories were often told in small details. Inspired by this idea and her affinity for jewelry, she enrolled in the Ecole Boulle in Paris to refine her eye and learn a beloved craft. Today, Prune explores her creativity and her sensitivity by designing her own line, farro Edition de Bijoux. Sterling silver, 18K gold plated and chic matte black metal are molded by meticulous craftsmen in Paris, channeling Prune’s unique sensibilité. Her influences are firmly rooted in cinema, art and music; the current collection is a tribute to both David Bowie’s electric guitars and Alfred Hitchcock’s notoriously acute aesthetic. Prune’s pieces lend themselves equally to both men and women, marrying clean design with a distinct rock & roll edge.

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